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4th International Workshop on Systems, Signals and Image Processing


May 28-30, 1997
Poznan, Poland


The aim of the IWSSIP 97 is to discuss the developments in signal and image processing as well as system analysis and synthesis. We hope that the Workshop will provide the forum for presentation and discussion of recent results.

Workshop site

Workshop Secretariat

Registration Desk


Please note that hotel reservations are made by the participants themselves. The hotel reservation form should be faxed directly to the travel office and not to Conference Secretary. The Workshop participants are strongly recommended to make their hotel reservations before April 20th. Registration includes: participation in Workshop sessions, a copy of the Workshop Proceedings, coffee breaks and Workshop dinner on May 28th. Additional tickets for the dinner will be available at Registration Desk on May 28th before 1 p.m.



Transportation to Pozna„n

Air: Poznan„ has direct flights to Warsaw, Duesseldorf, Dresden, Copenhagen, Leipzig, and Hamburg. Warsaw and Berlin with their airports can be reached by Intercity or Eurocity trains.

Rail: There is an EC train to Pozna„n from Berlin Main Railway Station (Berlin Hbf) twice a day. The journey from Berlin and Warsaw takes approximately 3 hours. There is no night train from Prague.

Road: You can easily reach Poznan„ by car from Berlin and from Warsaw. The distance is almost the same - approximately 300 km.

Transportation within Pozna„n

Trams and buses: Tickets must be bought before you get on the tram/bus. They are not available on the tram/bus. You can buy tickets at a newsagent's. You must punch the ticket in a small red or yellow ticket-puncher immediately on boarding the tram/bus. There are tickets valid for 10, 30, 60 and 90 minuts. A ticket priced 1,00 zl (PLN) is valid for 30 minutes from the hour printed by the ticket-puncher. If journey is longer, you must then punch the next ticket. If you decide to travel by trams and buses, you may buy a 10-ticket pack. You are entitled to change buses and trams within the time of the ticket validity.

The way to the conference site: From the Main Railway Station: by bus no. 51 or 68 to the stop "Urzad Wojewodzki" (the third stop). From the airport: bus no. 78 to the stop "Wielkopolska" (walking distance of about 600 m). The way to the hotel "Polonez": From the Main Railway Station: by bus no. 68 to the stop just in front of the hotel (the fourth stop). From the airport: bus no. 78 to the stop "Wielkopolska" (walking distance of 700 m).

Taxi: There are several taxi companies and different taxi fares. The taxi fare must be stated at the window of the passanger door. There are two kinds of fares:

  1. from Monday to Saturday between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. and
  2. any other time.

The fare ("1" or "2") must be displayed on the meter inside the car. The passenger is entitled to ask for a signed bill at the end of the trip. The fares in bigger companies of the cars reserved by radio (radio- taxi) are lower that those in the individually operated cars. You can recognise a radio taxi by the phone number (e.g.: 919, 951, 222 333, etc.). Typical "1" fares are: the entrance fee: 3 PLN, the fee for one kilometre:1 PLN

Currency: The Polish currency unit is 1 zloty (PLN, i.e. Polish new zloty). There are 100 groszy in 1 zloty. The current exchange rate is about 3.1 PLN to 1 $ (USD). It is more advantageous to change money in Poland than abroad.

Electricity - 220 V / 50 Hz with round pin outlet.


Thursday, 29th May is a public holiday in Poland. Because of the Corpus Christi Day on Thursday, banks, exchange cantors, post offices, shops and exhibitions will be closed.